Lash Lounge Lite kit

Lash Lounge 2021

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Great for starting up a small lash extensions business!! You will get 9-13 mm lash fans c curl 3D, 1 sec glue , 2-3 sec glue, primer, Lash Lounge Remover, 25 lash brushes, 25 lash swabs, lash gel pads, 2 packs of tape, curved and straight tweezers, wrist pallet for all your lashes, glue treys, also 2 easy fan artifact! This is enough for you to make 1,500.00 or more! For a very nice whole sale price! Lashes are very dark and soft! The glue really is speechless and amazing! Retention is over the top and it’s awesome in humidity! All the products are top of line!!!